Mass Media in Cameroon.

Mass media refers to a means of communicating to a large number of people at a time. This can be done via the TV, Radio, Newspapers, etc. Mass media in Cameroon is governed by Law № 90/52 of 19th December 1990 relating to freedom of mass communication. This law falls under the class of laws referred to as “Liberty Laws” which were promulgated in 1990 guaranteeing certain basic human rights and civil liberties.
Mass media in Cameroon refers to all forms and means of communication which include printing, bookselling, press organs, publishing houses, distribution agencies, bill posting and audio-visual communication establishments (TV and radio). It is important to note here that these laws are very liberal and favour all including those wishing to invest in Cameroon or are already investing in Cameroon. They have been well drafted to protect the interests of all those resident in Cameroon.
With the advent of this law and its liberalisation, Cameroon has witnessed a rapid and drastic growth in the mass media sector. Unlike the lone State-owned Radio and TV Station (CRTV) which used to exist in the country at the time, with the coming into force of this law, Cameroon can now boost of close to 10 TV stations with one State-owned i.e. CRTV and the rest privately-owned stations and more than 20 radio stations. Out of this number one belongs to the State with Regional stations in all the ten Regions of Cameroon and some FM stations for animation in some selected Regions.

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