Mining in Cameroon

Cameroon stands today as a Traditional Mining Country. Mining started in Cameroon in 1970.
LAW 001-2001 OF 16 APRIL 2001
During this period, only a few individuals were aware of what they would find within their environment, a special gold which they could mine locally and just sell at any price they could to the local traders who were quite aware of the value of what they were buying. This practice continued for a very long time.
By mid and late 1990 the Government started bringing order into the Mining Sector. In 2001, the Mining Code of April 2001 was promulgated to make the Mining Sector in Cameroon an area of economic interest both to nationals and non-national investors interested in this sector.
Today, there exists a modern Code that has encouraged several mining companies, both local and foreign, to establish in Cameroon. A few companies have established under the Code and operating in Cameroon. These have applied and obtained the License and are exercising the activity in industrial scale. These companies equally enjoy the protection of the Code and the advantages in the sector of Tax and Custom Regime and government protection to wit:

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