Our interns acquire a dynamic and unique experience at the Nico Halle & Co. Law Firm. As an intern, you will receive hands-on training experience, learn the introductory skills for practice as an attorney, network and develop relationships with our attorneys. Simply speaking, we provide our interns with an in-depth experience of practice as an integral member of the firm.


The workload we give our interns is realistic, and put you in position to manage multiple tasks & projects, work with attorneys and clients, engage in pro bono legal service, participate in trainings, presentations, as well as social events. This enables you have a realistic glimpse/experience of working at the Firm. Also, by handling tasks in several areas of practice, you will be able to ascertain the areas that pique your interest, and seek out projects that match your interests, thus honing your skills in a niche area.

The program is challenging, and Interns should be prepared to stretch themselves intellectually, and brace themselves for an experience that will inevitably foster personal, professional and career development.


Each intern is paired with a mentor. Our mentors play a huge role in introducing the interns to the firm’s culture, provide guidance about work assignments and tasks, and help them connect with other attorneys in the firm.

As an intern, we will introduce you to the firm’s practice divisions and leadership, our commitment to diversity and pro bono work, and law practice essentials such as legal drafting, advocacy, public speaking skills, the basic economics of law firm management, and working in a team environment. These aspects lay a critical foundation for your path to becoming a solid leader and attorney tomorrow.