From our standpoint, the practice of law is a privilege. With this privilege comes the responsibility to give voice to those who would not otherwise have access to the law or the ability to champion the cause of justice. We encourage our people to use their legal knowledge on a pro bono basis to help people in the communities where we live and work, who otherwise lack access to the services we offer.

Law as a Vehicle for Change

We are committed to using law as a vehicle for change and leverage our resources to amplify the voices of individuals and communities through pro bono efforts.

Participation in pro bono initiatives is open to all of our lawyers. We encourage and promote engagement by recognizing and rewarding those who participate in pro bono work.

Pro bono as a tool for advancing our communities

As constant supporters of legal advocacy, we encourage our attorneys to carry on the pro bono traditions of our founder. We help our pro bono clients obtain justice in a world where the deck is often stacked against them. Our attorneys represent low-income individuals in court, and our commercial attorneys provide legal and advisory services to nonprofits and low-income entrepreneurs.

Pro Bono at the Heart of who we are

Our pro bono program encourages and supports involvement at every level – from partners to interns. We expect all lawyers to contribute in pro bono legal work. Through pro bono, our attorneys and paralegals gain skills while investing in their communities.

We do not take pro bono lightly. Thus, we provide our pro bono clients with the same high standards of client service as our fee-paying clients, and in return, our people are given the opportunity to give-back, while gaining valuable experience.

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