With our profound industry knowledge, experience, as well as our creative and solution-oriented approach, we provide you with reliable legal and advisory services.

Our lawyers advise the media and entertainment industries on varied matters including corporate issues; acquisition, protection, exploitation, and enforcement of intellectual property rights; investment and financing matters; exploitation of media rights; regulatory and administrative issues; as well as dispute resolution. Our ability to provide our clients with commercial value in media business deals, including content distribution, production and financing sets us apart.

We are retained by advertisers, banks, broadcasters, distributors, event promoters, franchise owners, individuals, international and national governing bodies, rights holders, sponsors, investors.

We provide extensive support within the converging areas of media – including print, broadcast, digital, music, film, radio, theme parks and sport.


As a leading law firm, with experience in corporate, dispute resolution, intellectual property, technology, and other disciplines that are key to you, our media and entertainment lawyers are in position to provide you with expert knowledge, deep sector insight and first-rate service.

To support your business across the media sector, our dynamic team members provide you with legal and advisory services in the media & entertainment sector be it digital commerce, entertainment, film, gambling, music, news, social media, or sports.

With our experience and full-spectrum experience, we help clients navigate the non-exhaustive areas:

  • Content acquisition, development, licensing, production
  • Corporate and commercial aspects
  • Digital media and technology agreements
  • Dispute resolution
  • Intellectual Property matters – Trademark, Copyright and related rights etc
  • Investments (Creation & disposal, Joint ventures related to talent, entertainment, and media companies)
  • Transactional aspects
  • Regulatory & compliance


Advertising and marketing is one industry that is constantly evolving through the use of technological innovation. With this, it is important for your advertising campaign to be successful as well as compliant with local regulations.

With an in-depth industry knowledge and long-standing experience in advising on advertising and marketing matters, our team is in position to provide comprehensive advice tailored to your needs. Our extensive reach and reliable network of associates enables us provide you with seamless and prompt legal and advisory services, and navigate the intricate landscape and frameworks of advertising & marketing. We understand the need to provide you with clear, commercially astute, and practical advice on aspects such as:

  • Advertising and marketing related disputes
  • Advice relating to user-generated content
  • Comparative advertising advice
  • Content liability, defamation and copyright ownership advice
  • Corporate transactions for advertising and marketing industry participants
  • Dispute resolution and litigation
  • Marketing and unfair trade practices rules
  • Pre-clearance advice in relation to regulatory and legal compliance
  • Prize draws and competitions
  • Regulation & compliance
  • Reputation management issues, such as preventing and/or managing adverse media coverage
  • The sale and acquisition of media space, including outdoor, print, broadcast and digital


Sport and business involves a diverse community of investors, stakeholders, governments, multinational bodies, funders, consumer brands and, of course, sportspersons. A successful collaboration among these parties is dependent on high-quality legal advice, which is sensitive to the commercial and cultural environment of sport. Such advice is vital, for example, in acquiring and funding sports businesses, commercializing sports related rights, developing physical infrastructure and supporting the bodies that regulate and host events.

Combining our leadership and experience in the key areas of legal expertise in the sports arena, our sports team will accompany you in your business.

Our lawyers offer legal and advisory services on:

  • Corporate and commercial transactions / ventures
  • Dispute resolution disputes pertaining to the protection of the intellectual property rights involving national and international football (soccer), and the National Basketball Association (NBA)
  • Intellectual Property protection, maintenance of operators in the sports sector
  • Regulations with regard to sports betting, online gaming transactions, and traditional sports.
  • Sponsorship, branding and ambassador agreements