In Cameroon, Small & Medium Sized enterprises (SMEs) are at the core of the economy and constitutes the largest group of business entities. As such, it is imperative as an SME, to work with lawyers that understand and anticipate the opportunities as well as the issues that may arise in this challenging sector, as this is key to the growth of your business.

Our dynamic lawyers are an excellent choice for your business because we have the in-depth experience in the OHADA and commercial laws required to aptly navigate the business terrain in the country. We have vital experience in dealing with contracts, transactions, and disputes that may arise as a result of these contracts or transactions.

We understand what it’s like to run a business, from dealing with employment, marketing, growth, landlord & ten ant agreements, the demands on resources and attitude towards risk taking. Our understanding of the specificities of SMEs allows us to tailor our services to suit each client, as well as offer business-critical advice and guidance. Our attorneys provide legal and advisory services at every stage of the business cycle.

As an SME, we can advise you on a diverse range of business and commercial law issues including:

  • Advice on shareholders’ rights
  • Business contracts
  • Buying or selling a business or assets
  • Company formation or restructuring
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Directors duties
  • Dispute resolution
  • E-Commerce
  • Finance
  • Insolvency / liquidation
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Labour & Employment
  • OHADA Law
  • Shareholders agreements