Our firm’s Business practice features a team of experienced, strategy-oriented, and highly skilled attorneys who have successfully represented corporations and individuals in a range of proceedings. We offer specialized, professional and strategic business and commercial advice when it matters most. Skilled in handling the intricacies that come with the terrain, our lawyers are committed to achieving the best outcome for you.


Restructuring and insolvency work calls for lawyers skilled in providing bold and commercial solutions. Armed with this, as well as our sharp technical skills, we areable to guide you through the complexities of this market.

Our restructuring and insolvency lawyers advise all stakeholders in restructuring and insolvency cases. From our global platform, we provide pragmatic, business-focused advice to creditors, multinational companies, and insolvency administrators. We also advise pension trustees, governmental and quasi-governmental bodies, and stressed financial institutions.

We understand the legal, political, and business landscapes involved when a company faces financial difficulties; and for which we have a strong track record of providing innovative solutions. Every matter requires the right team. Here at NICO HALLE & CO. LAW FIRM, we build the team to meet your needs. Where necessary, we draw our collaborators within our firm from other practice areas including capital markets, litigation, real estate, employment, intellectual property, tax, and pensions to add to the core restructuring team.

Country risk profiles

We provide country risk profiles, and analyze the economic, legal risks, operational, political, security, and tax of a particular country. This is essential for the choosing an appropriate jurisdiction for investment and operations.

Tax and regulatory frameworks

With regard to the tax and regulatory frameworks, we provide an overview of the local tax system (corporate income tax, value-added tax, employee tax and special tax regimes), banking and exchange control regulations, investment regulations, as well as the costs and requirements of setting up legal entities, and doing business, and registration and acquiring relevant licenses and authorizations.

Dispute Resolution

We also offer dispute resolution services, alternative dispute resolution processes, amicable settlement negotiations, domestic and international arbitration, litigation.