The global corporate landscape and increasing international investment requires the movement and displacement of personnel and human resource around the globe; as well as compliance with the varied national and international immigration laws and regulations. Invariably, an expatriate worker travelling to work in another country is required to comply with the requirements in place; such as obtaining entry/business visas, work permits, residence permits, exits visas, departure notices etc. Our immigration experts provide tailored immigration strategies and support, comprehensive, professional solutions, and a seamless immigration experience for you, your family, your business, and your advisors.

Corporate immigration and regulatory compliance falls well within our expertise given our long-standing experience in the sector. We have established a professional network which facilitates and expedites our operations in a society rife with bureaucracy and administrative bottlenecks. We provide immigration support services in other countries on the African continent through trusted partners/collaborators that equally have extensive experience in the sector.

We offer a full range of immigration services for employers, temporary workers, individuals and their families. Whether you are coming to Cameroon to work, join your family, or seek new opportunities, the Nico Halle & Co. Law Firm can help. If you are an employer who needs an expert to manage your global mobility needs, we have the depth and breadth of expertise to provide your business with immigration support to ensure a global mobility program that operates smoothly and efficiently. We also offer relocation service assistance to expatriate workers moving with their families/dependents; this includes (but not limited to) the obtention of housing, school search, insurance, security, touristic activities, acclimatization, displacement/transportation etc.

We can be your legal and strategic consultative partners in the following areas:

Visa & Permit Services

Travel is delicate, given that with the wrong visa, you could be denied entry into the territory or exit fro m the territory. With our experience, we guide and make you compliant with visa requirements and processes.

Our team of professionals dedicated to visa and permit services provides guidance and immigration support to individuals, companies and their employees during the visa or permit application process.

We provide visa & permit services for the following:

  • Business visas
  • Residence Permits
  • Tourist Visas
  • Visa on arrivals
  • Work Permits

Our legal and advisory services cover:

  • Advice on processing of dependent and family visa, ability to work matters, and maintenance of status
  • Advice on the process, requirements and corresponding timeframes
  • Assist with document procurement and authentication
  • Emergency assistance for urgent travel
  • Follow-up and retrieval of passport
  • Guidance on entry and departure procedures
  • Pre-filing assessment on the type of visa or permit required
  • Preparation of visa / permit applications and support letters
  • Submission of visa / permit applications and support letters

Document Services

Immigration inevitably requires documents. Obtaining these documents and ensuring they meet the requisite authentication standards can be lengthy, complex and difficult to coordinate. As a result of the extensive experience of our Document Services team , we are in position to identify the appropriate documents required, navigate the nuances of these requirements and chart the optimal and most efficient course of action to keep application processes compliant and on track.

We assist with:

  • Apostille, Legalization, Notarization and authentication of documents
  • Consular assistance with document procurement and legalization matters
  • Obtaining supporting documents from their original sources, including court records; police clearance certificates; birth or adoption certificates; marriage records; and medical records
  • Obtaining requisite translations as well as apostille, legalization, and/or notarization services
  • Obtaining or authenticating corporate documents, including incorporation certificates, and powers of attorney
  • Translation services assistance

Passport Services

In immigration, the most important document is the passport, which enables you, your family or business effect international travel. Our Immigration team is in position to support all your passport needs whether for renewing an expiring passport or replacing a lost or stolen passport. We inform you of the documents required, and provide you with clear and concise information that guides you on the process and timeframe.