Having a legal team with the right expertise and experience on your side is essential for your business in the OHADA space. Our OHADA team brings legal excellence, applied in a practical and business-oriented way to meet the needs of our clients.

OHADA’s objective is to create a modern, effective legal framework conducive for business and investment and in compliance with  laws on general commercial transactions, companies and economic interest groups, ADR, transportation of goods by road, Securities, simplified recoveries etc.

Our OHADA practice provides legal and advisory services to clients with commercial or corporate legal issues within the OHADA space. Our team has experience handling company/corporate related matters and complex transactions throughout the development of the client’s business operations/activities, and advises on how to operate within the OHADA space.

We assist with the review of commercial contracts, corporate restructuring or business expansions, due diligence in the context of an acquisition of companies operating within the OHADA space, drafting of corporate/commercial documents, implementing security measures or other mechanisms to protect your investment, assist in obtaining operational licenses or administrative authorizations required to conduct your activities, leveraging, deal brokering, securities and guarantees, debt restructuring, bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings etc.

Our OHADA practice has a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the legal constraints specific to OHADA; we advise local and international clients on a wide range of delicate and sophisticated corporate, commercial, and financial transactions. We tailor expertise to suit your business needs at each stage of your project, no matter how complex.