Forestry in Cameroon

In terms of forest wealth, Cameroon is blessed by nature because, it should be noted, it  has very important forest reserves. Its virgin, dancing and lush forest is undoubtedly a very important asset and source of financing for its economy.

The Cameroonian forest is full of the rarest and most varied species. Medicinal plants found in Cameroonian forests enhance their value. The forest of KORUP in the SOUTH- WEST region of the country due to the abundance of its medicinal essences has been considered as cultural heritage of humanity.

Foreign companies specializing in logging have been established in Cameroon for decades and operate peacefully.

Cameroonian forests are governed by:

  • Law n ° 94/01 of January 20, 1994 establishing the forestry, wildlife and fishing regime. This law encourages the rational exploitation of forests, and ensures the protection of biodiversity and nature. It also determines the different categories of forests, their development conditions, the financial and fiscal provisions applicable to them as well as the terms of the promotion and marketing of timber and forest.
  • Decree n ° 95/531 / PM of August 1995 establishing the modalities of application of the regime of forests (modified by decree n ° 2000/092 / PM of March 27, 2000).

These texts set the conditions for the exploitation, export and import of any forest genetic material.


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